Mae-Li Evans, Online Radio Intern at NTS

NTS give us insight into Mae-Li’s STEP internship

Mae-Li joined NTS as part of the STEP internship scheme. We wanted to find a talented, local young adult and upon meeting her we were excited to find out she had all the skills we hoped for in an intern; it was great to offer her this opportunity.

Since starting at NTS, it’s no exaggeration to say that she has become indispensable to us. Her calm demeanour and friendly, approachable nature means that she has become an integral part of the team. She has worked on presentations, taken photos and written copy for the Social Media Manager, coordinated the artist liaison on events, assisted the sound engineering for external broadcasts and been a runner on video shoots. No task is too small or big and she never lets any apprehensiveness deter her from giving her all. 

She comes from a theatre and drama background which has been a really nice counterbalance as most of the team have music or journalism backgrounds, which has meant that she can often provide a different approach or perspective to things. 

Before Christmas, she presented us with a hilarious ‘deck’ presentation. The purpose of the deck was to suggest that she host and develop the very first ever NTS Christmas Quiz. Not only was the deck extremely funny, but it proved to be a small taste of the fun that was to come. Despite being a new member of the team, she wrote a brilliant quiz, incorporating the entire NTS team – involving us all in the different rounds, dividing us up into teams, and generally providing an additional sense of camaraderie. It was really wonderful to see her come out of her shell in order to bring us all together, and the entire team had a blast. Despite her unassuming nature, she has definitely added a bit more team spirit to the office. 

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