Malik Fields


Malik Fields

  • Age: 22
  • Borough: Waltham Forest
  • First internship: London College of Fashion – Digital
  • Second internship: Worldwide FM
  • Mentor: Ross Cameron, Creative Team, ITV
  • Before: Unemployed, and applied to STEP having taken part in Creative Opportunity Programme

Malik says…

“I’m Malik. My STEP programme is training me to become a better creator of audial and visual material. I’m interested in most things digital, including video direction, sound engineering, musical production, web development and more.

After graduating from the University of Nottingham, I knew that I wanted a role in digital content production, but didn’t have the professional experience required. STEP provided an excellent way of entering the sector.

My first role is as a Digital Content Production intern at London College of Fashion, and in April 2019 I will be moving onto Worldwide FM to become a Production Assistant. After completing STEP I hope to have gained contacts in industry, as well as skills and knowledge that I can employ to both future employment and my own personal projects.”