Joy Williams


Job title: 

As a Spatial Designer, Joy has a passion for experience centered design, her designs typically start with a social need, develop narrative, and create memorable experiences through user focused designs. She has a strong interest in designing for those often disregarded in society, and has created projects for those with autism, dementia and from minority communities.

Many people receive opportunities as a result of who they know and not what they know, and therefore Joy has had to put additional effort to build her network within this industry by attending events, workshops and short courses. It was a struggle to find opportunities within the arts to expand her experience even though she had an undergraduate degree. Through her internship at Sadler’s Wells she has gained invaluable experience working for an arts organisation, her journey so far has quite literally been a stepping-stone to development as a creative, and she is excited to see where it takes her next.

She is enjoying being a part of the the programme along with the other interns. ‘Art has the power to transform lives’ and it is a privilege to be able to contribute to that – especially now!