Sheridan Haynes

Sheridan crop

Age: 26
Borough: Newham
Employer: UAL LCF Community
Job title: Community Outreach Intern

Sheridan has packed in a huge amount of diverse experience into his career to date, he has worked in a tailoring firm revolutionising their social accounts, worked on community dance projects and travelled to Sweden to work with recently arrived refugees. He’s interested in fashion and working with the community so he’s found the perfect placement for the combination of his interests, as he is placed at UAL London College of Fashion’s Community outreach team.

Sheridan has found that succeeding in the creative industries requires a network of contacts. Without this, it has been challenging for him to achieve. STEP has just the right combination of training and connections to benefit him.

Sheridan comments that he knows there are very few working class people of colour in the creative industry like himself.  STEP, and the mentorship offered, will help him navigate a way in.