Edinam Edem-Jordjie


Edinam Edem-Jordjie

  • Age: 21
  • Borough: Newham
  • First Internship: UCL Culture – Exhibitions
  • Second internship: UCL Culture – Public Programming
  • Mentor: Ingrid Swenson, Director PEER UK
  • Before: Unemployed, volunteering at Natural History Museum and HMS Belfast.

Edinam says…

“I recently graduated with a degree in Anthropology. I have lived in Newham my entire life. Though I’m unsure of exactly what I want to be, I have always known that I wanted to work in the arts and heritage sector. I enjoy thinking and contributing to different ways of getting people engaged with the arts, our culture and history through museums and public events such as festivals.

“I applied for STEP following a year of applying for many paid opportunities within the arts and heritage sector and on the verge of coming to the conclusion that maybe I just wasn’t meant to succeed in this industry. I’ve been fortunate enough to volunteer at institutions such as the Natural History Museum, the HMS Belfast. However, the rejections I got, made me feel like my skills weren’t worth paying for. Then came along STEP. I am currently the first STEP intern at UCL Culture where I’ll complete STEP in two parts; Exhibitions and Public Programming. Through this programme, I have already gotten the chance to do things that just a few months ago seemed completely out of my reach. It’s helped me gain confidence in my skills and worth. It’s made feel like I can succeed in this industry and I am really thankful for that.”