Krystal Popo

  • Age: 24
  • Year-long placement: BBC
  • Role: Learning and Community Engagement (events, marketing, press and business) at BBC Proms
Krystal says… 

My background stems from Performing Arts as I have a passion towards the craft of performance and have studied this subject in college. I have a rounded interest in all creative industries such as: music, acting and dance. I never went to university and chose to work instead, as I felt that this was the best choice for me. The majority of my work based experience has been in administration within the public sector, though my heart has always been in the arts sector.

I applied to STEP as I have been itching to work within the creative sector and STEP is an amazing opportunity that equips me with gaining the relevant experience I need to start the creative career that I have yearn for, but did not have the experience and confidence to plunge into. I most look forward to the experience and opportunities that my placement has in store. I also look forward to developing and applying my creative mindset to the work environment. Most of all I look forward to seeing and working towards delicious and exciting agendas within my team.