Sharifa Nakawooya

Sharifa Nakawooya 1

Sharifa Nakawooya

  • Age: 25
  • Borough: Newham
  • Placement: PRETTYBIRD 
  • Role: Office, Social Media & Editing Intern
Sharifa says… 

Hi, I’m Sharifa, you can call me Riffa for short! 

I am a creative content creator from East London. I love colour an I try to implement that in everything I do. I am interested in gaining further knowledge and experience within the film/video/media field, as I aspire to one day have my series on Netflix, create informative documentaries for people.

I have recently started my YouTube channel: Life of Riffa. It focuses on topics such as body positivity, mental health, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. As the name things based on my life, teaching tool learn how to story-tell and engage with an audience. 

What excited me about STEP was that it is a solid year to dedicate yourself to a 12-month training programme to develop a diverse range of skills set then allowed to put into action everything learned in the budget to produce a collaborative project, to give back to a community I am so proud off. The icing on the cake is you connect with a specialist industry mentor where you can gain one to one advice, tips, and knowledge from genuinely learning and being inspired.

STEP brings together like-minded creative individuals together, where you can network from diverse backgrounds and sectors is a blessing to be around.