• Age: 26
  • Borough: Newham
  • First internship: Sadler’s Wells – Producing & Touring
  • Second internship: Bow Arts
  • Mentor: Sharan Matharu, Editor, Penguin Randomhouse
  • Before: Part-time events organiser

Fizza says…

Summer 2018 was no less than a rollercoaster ride for me. Although it was a long, beautiful summer, with weeks and weeks of sunshine, I was so stuck in my own thoughts to be able to even enjoy it. Having realised that working in a job where I can’t fulfil my potential or do what I am passionate about, was really draining me – my energy, my enthusiasm, and my happiness. Soon I started to apply for jobs within the creative sector once I confirmed to myself that that is where I want to be working. As enthusiastic and focused as I was, responses were not great and I was somewhat disappointed, as I had left my job to pursue my actual passion and use my creativity and realised that this was going to be more difficult than I’d thought. Weeks were slow and even slower were responses from job applications. Although still focused on getting a creative job, I realised that this was maybe a sector tougher to get a job in, as compared to the private or corporate sector – where my previous job was. I thought that my academic and work achievements must be good enough, but I also started doubting myself slightly.

One night, while looking for more opportunities to apply for, I came across a post advertising the STEP internship which attracted my interest immediately. It read along the lines of “getting your foot through the door, into the creative industry”, which is exactly what I needed! I felt optimistic and hopeful! I was actually getting ready to go to bed just a few minutes before seeing that, but then decided to stay up and apply, which I did.. and I am sure you can tell what the outcome was as, I am currently a STEP intern, and very proud!

This programme for people aged between 18-30, has really helped me get closer to my career ambitions and so I am glad of its existence and thank A New Direction and Creative Access for investing their time and ideas into making this programme reality. I now have a sense of direction in regards to my career path, which is a wonderful feeling to have! The programme is empowering and encouraging. I wanted to share how and why I became a STEP intern, with the hope that others in similar positions will come on board. Something important to mention, as I have noticed most the interns are in the lower end of the age range for the programme – it isn’t late to go into a sector you actually want to be in. Being fresh out of university or college isn’t the only time to be an intern – the right time is whenever you want to enter a sector you want to be in. Currently near completing the first 6 month role and moving on to the second role, I am excited and hopeful of what this new role brings and look forward to sharing how the experience goes!